Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Launch of piQx Imaging Forum, revamp of Weblog
- Speak Your Heart Out, Hear From Others

It is time to communicate! Our brand new community forum aims to tie xcanex creators with xcanex owners from around the world. 
Particularly since the xcanex is such a revolutionary, new-concept, full-featured product, we hope that this avenue will help fulfill our mission to bring the joy of scanning to those who find conventional scanning solutions unsatisfactory, by providing a centralized platform for our users to post questions or find solutions to frequently-asked-questions.

For example, did you know you that you can insert new scans in between 2 processed images? How about maximizing the sharpness of your scans? Or scan directly to cloud to be accessed by your phone/tablet instantly without even having to save to a file? 

Now you will be able to learn all this, and more! 

Coupled with our weblog (which you are now reading), we hope to bring out the various features and uses of the xcanex through fortnightly posts.

Delay no further, get feedback, share your experiences, or even your scansConnect with us now!

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